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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

1. Shadows
me and my daughters shadow

2. Patterns/Repetition
I love the pattern and repetition of the reeds in the wind

3. Bright white
white snow its all I had lol.

4. Strong
I couldnt chose so i did both sue me lol. My kids are very strong and then are armed forces what else is stronger than that?

5. Warmth

I tried taking a picture of the sun and this is how it turned out but I think it looks cool anyways and so warm!

Next weeks challenges are

  1. Chocolate (Kathleen's suggestion)
  2. Numbers (February 2011 Photo Hunt item)
  3. Canned Food (February 2011 Photo Hunt item)
  4. Music (Clip Cafe suggestion)
  5. Stack (Clip Cafe suggestion)


  1. Love this set - especially your shadow shot!

  2. All great shots, but I especially love your shadow and pattern shot! Well done! =)