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Friday, January 14, 2011

Photography tip #2

Rule of Thirds and Photography

Although most beginning artists resist following "rules" - fearing they will hurt their creativity, there are indeed many rules and guidelines that help. One rule in particular is really essential: the Rule of Thirds.

From Paint to Photo: The Rule of Thirds and Photography

The Rule of Thirds actually goes way back. Painters have been benefitting from this rule since the days when Greek artists discovered it. So let's take a look at the Rule of Thirds as it relates to photography.
Actually, as my friend likes to say, this should be called the "Rule of Ninths" instead of the "Rule of Thirds". This is because the Rule of Thirds is put to use by dividing the rectangular shape of your scene into nine smaller rectangles like so:

You add a great deal of dramatic interest by placing your subject at any of the four points where the lines cross, like so:
Little Lamb Obeying the Rule of Thirds
Little lamb
Obeying the Rule of Thirds
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