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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

This was a very challenging week. The themes were so hard for me but I got out my creative juices and tried and these are what I came up with!

1. Texture
I added the texture and color to really make the model pop out I think it looks awesome

I couldnt find anything to represent fog so well I made it in Photoshop lol the pictures I took in the canyon then I added a fog overlay I think it works for fake fog lol

3. Button
Since Valentines in coming soon I thought these buttons would be perfect

4. Beverage/Drink
This was a hard one for me I have no elegant galsses so My soda was the victim of my photo challenge lol

Another hard one for me I dont have much in the 70's era but thought this pic of my daughter works. She is my FLOWER CHILD with her TYE DYE shirt with the PEACE AND LOVE SYMBOLS all 70's hippie stuff right haha

Next weeks themes are:
5. Page 25 of a Magazine


  1. Those heart buttons are so lively and sweet! I must find some before the 14th :)

  2. Love the button shot and the seventies shots! Great job!

  3. Wow girl - you rocked it out this week...but that first one is incredible!

  4. "Fog" is gorgeous! And, how fun are those little heart buttons!?

  5. Texture is my favorite!
    The seventies is cute!!

    Carletta@Round The Bend

  6. You did a fantastic job on the texture and the fog...oh they are all good, but I just love your little 70's lady. My Granddaughter is 10 and she is our little hippy, the peace sign and tye dye fills her wardrobe...lace tutus over leggings are her favorite...

  7. Some fabulous shots. Your texture is great, some lovely contrasts...can't believe how clever you were to add in the fog, wouldnt have thought to do that, looks very authentic and effective!

  8. Wow, your shots are gorgeous! I love Diet Dr. Pepper too!

  9. Great collection - very creative with the fog shot!